Issues Management & Crisis Planning

It happens almost every day: a company is negatively covered by the news media – a problem that’s compounded when the company either doesn’t have an effective response or misses the deadline to respond. Or even worse, management can’t make the time to respond since it’s “all hands on deck” to deal with a fundamental yet unanticipated crisis – such as a data breach or unsolicited takeover offer.

Don’t wait for a 60 Minutes camera crew to show up in your parking lot requesting an immediate statement, or for John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight to skewer your company’s business model and advertising. Defend your company, brand and valuation with help from Forest Glen Communications to:

  • Anticipate and mitigate potential crises
  • Build relationships with key media so they better understand your company and strategy – and can cover issues or crises in a more balanced way
  • Prepare media spokespersons
  • Create a highly usable crisis communication plan that's supported by your internal incident response participants and your board
  • “Tabletop exercises" to practice and further refine plans to respond to a potential crisis
  • Respond to a crisis.

For examples of FGC's work, check out our portfolio.