Media Relations

What types of pitches get reporters excited – and result in great stories about your company? Call on Forest Glen Communications to expand your reach, help achieve strategic business goals and advance your corporate reputation via news coverage.

  • Build and strengthen media relationships to secure placements that matter. Who are the reporters and media outlets that can have the greatest influence on shaping perceptions of your company? How can media relations help achieve your company’s goals, from sales growth to improved stock valuation? FGC effectively identifies and educates key reporters at top-tier outlets and trade publications alike about your company’s business strategy, products/services and successes – and facilitates positive media coverage of corporate announcements, milestones and campaigns.
  • Control your message in the media by turning to FGC to secure impactful bylined articles and opinion editorials in the media outlets most relevant to your business goals and key audiences.
  • Enhance your ability to tell the corporate story to the media. Corporate executives often are the strongest evangelists for their company’s messages – but typically, they’ve spent more time growing the business than talking to reporters. FGC can help you hone their message and delivery to most effectively tell the corporate story in a way that is compelling and memorable – while avoiding potential pitfalls in interviews with broadcast, print and online reporters. Likewise, presentation training pays dividends when reporters are in the audience.

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